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This time for our traditional column, we interviewed Ing. Bořek Bierhanzl and JUDr. František Hrudka. Both gentlemen unexpectedly have a lot in common, testament to which is also one of their latest activities, this being a development project near Havlíčkovy Sady in Prague – the apartment building at Sámova 12.

How did the idea of your collaboration on a development project come about?

FH: Our daughters are the same age and do the same sport, that being riding, specifically show jumping. That is how we got to know each other. It was not until later that we discovered that we two also have the same hobby – game keeping. Spending our free time together then easily turned into the ideal opportunity to discuss commercial affairs.

BB: Although this project is our first one together, we are certain that we will put our experience from the previous residential and other construction projects which we each implemented in our own right into it.

Why did you choose precisely this location for development?

BB: I looked for a suitable locality for a residential project for several years, however this place exhibited the best quality – a gap in residential development, close to the amazing Grébovka park which creates a natural dividing line between Vršovice and Vinohrady, a complete range of amenities… It was love at first sight.

FH: The project itself also impressed us together with the location because its target group is made up of people with the same age, family and social background as us. However, the greatest benefit of this locality is that you have everything you need for a high quality of family life within reach, be this several sports grounds – there is an ice-hockey stadium and tennis courts right on Sámova ulice and the adjacent park is perfect for running or taking walks – or educational facilities and transport infrastructure: a railway station over the road, trams that run directly to the city centre (you can get to Wenceslas Square in 15 minutes) and there are plans to build a new metro station in the near future.

How will Sámova 12 distinguish itself from competing projects?

BB: Sámova 12 is designed for clients who are looking for a comfortable apartment in town and who know what they want. Together with architects from the Znamení čtyř studio, we designed the apartments in such a way as to ensure truly comfortable housing. The size of the bedrooms, the living space and also the closets and other storage space correspond to this concept. We placed our bets on family and long-term housing. You won’t find any small starter apartments in the project. The entrances to only two apartments can be found on each floor in order to guarantee sufficient privacy for their owners.

FH: A point of interest is that the truly extensive inner courtyard is already fully-grown with greenery. Residents will have a view of this from all of the south-facing living areas.

From a technical point of view, the project was elaborated by the architectural studio Znamení čtyř – architekti s. r. o. What is your collaboration with them like?

FH: Thanks to the truly professional approach of the architects, who have managed to give substance to our ideas, a project has been created elaborated down to the very last detail. We placed emphasis on the quality of housing and privacy of residents. This in my opinion is one of the things which distinguishes our project from the others. We are a small developer, so we can afford to spend a lot of time and effort on project preparation and “pimp” it to perfection.

BB: The building is equipped with modern technologies and we are able to prepare things in a customised manner for clients in the apartments to meet their requirements as far as possible during the given stage of completion.

If you were to choose a place for yourself to live in Rezidence Sámova, what would you choose and why?

BB: I would probably opt for our two-storey premises in the inner courtyard. This is a unique part of the project and I venture to say a very interesting one – this basically concerns two “little villas” with their own plot of land which we will be building within the framework of the project and they can be seen as comfortable family houses. You won’t find anything like this in the centre of Prague at this moment in time.

FH: I would probably be most interested in a ground-floor apartment with a front garden. A garden to go with an apartment represents great added value.

What expectations do you have on the real estate market for the coming period?

BB: As far as we are aware, there are currently very few similar projects prepared for construction in the wider city centre. We see this fact as a major advantage for our project.

How in your opinion will offer prices of apartments in Prague develop in 2018?

BB: In view of the fat that there really are very few residential projects in the city centre and domestic demand is supplemented by several foreigners interested in long-term or permanent housing, I think that prices will increase even further. Prague as such, I in particular mean the wider city centre, has great prospects in a European context. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a long history, unique location and thus also great potential.

Which part of Prague do you like most?

BB: I personally see change to Karlín over the recent few years in a very positive light. But of course I am also captivated by the area around Grébovka where we will now be building. I regard our project as a turning point for this location. We are trying to create a true place for people to live, with high-quality amenities right on location. I like the concept of the whole project.

FH: Although I don’t live in Prague, I do travel to the centre on a daily basis to my office. I don’t really like large cities, but apart from the “obligatory” places to admire such as Hradčany or the Old Town, I have taken a liking to Vršovice right now. It seems to me to be a practical place to live a pleasant and comfortable life. And in addition to that, I like going there as I am a fan of the Bohemians football club. (laughs)

In which area of the real estate market in Prague do you see room for development?

BB: We think that we have found an area like that – this being by creation of a project with a uniform structure of apartments layouts and not with a mix of large and small apartments. We had that vision and we dared to design a building in which optimum use is made of its shape and structure and which its permanent residents will breathe life into.

What do you rate most highly in your life?

FH: We are successfully brining up children who are doing well, studying, playing sports and who are healthy. We rate that most highly.

BB: And we also appreciate the solidarity and support of our wives. Family happiness is very important for us.

Could you disclose your plant for 2018?

FH: This year, we will in particular be devoting our time to actual construction of Sámova 12, which will start at the end of February and start of March. But apart from that, we are continuing work on our other development projects in and outside of Prague. ☐

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