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The Cyberdog technological information centre, designed for the general public, currently housing a wine bar with a robotic hand, opened in Prague near the Nové Butovice metro station on Thursday, 29 November. The designers of the two-storey futuristic building are managers from the Black N´ Arch studio, David Černý and Tomáš Císař. The studio is part of the Trigema company, the investor for the whole project, which built Cyberdog and which also operates it.

We have been collaborating with David Černý, Tomáš Císař and their team in our company for more than a year now. Cyberdog is the first real result of our joint plans. We want to bring in new and unconventional features into the architecture of contemporary Prague, features which will make it special and bring with them further quality,” explains Marcel Soural, Chairman of the Board at Trigema.


The shape of the two-storey Cyberdog is reminiscent of the head and body of a dog and the material brings to mind a space ship from the future. The bottom part of the building is longer. It is connected with the upper part by a winding staircase. The outer façade is made up of stainless-steel panels which are fitted onto a steel grille. The whole of the front part of the second floor is glazed.


Cyberdog is based on the idea of technical progress in the 21st century. We originally took inspiration from robots mixing drinks on ocean liners, but also from robots which for example mix drinks in Las Vegas,” says David Černý, one of the co-creators of the project and also one of the managers of the Black N´ Arch studio.

Inside, Cyberdog is made up of the public space with a wine bar, including a robotic workplace and trolley tracks. The robot arm is on the ground floor. There is also a bar here and tables for visitors. Visitors can order wine, other drinks or for example hot meals via an application of their smartphone or tablets which can be borrowed on site. Dog in Dock brand wine from Vinařství Veselí nad Moravou is then poured on the basis of orders directly by a robot from Kuka Robotics. The trolley track then distributes the ordered wine and other refreshments to the individual tables located on both floors of the building. Payments are made electronically via payment gateways. Apart from this, it is of course also possible to pay the wine bar staff in cash.

Dog in Dock wines which can be ordered at Cyberdog for example include Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Frankovka or Zweigeltrebe rosé. You can of course also order Cyberdog water, coffee or juice. From the food menu, patrons can choose from the regular daily offer of soups and then for example a wrap with vegetables and turkey ham, vegetable salads, dried sweet potato chips, chocolate cake with a strawberry filling and icing sugar.


Thanks to Konsepti, a company run by Lucie and David Řezníček, the interior of Cyberdog is fitted out with leading global brands. Masters chairs were designed by the creative genius Philippe Starck. He paid tribute with this to three global icons of contemporary design - Arne Jacobsen, Ero Saarinen and Charles Eames. This best-seller among chairs has also won several design awards, for example the Good Design Award (2010) or the Red Dot Award (2013).


The main information area of the Cyberdog centre is represented by the glazed façade on the second floor which is fitted with a special foil, thanks to which projects can be viewed both from inside and from outside. The large glazed area regularly publishes news and other information from the field of science and technology.


Cyberdog is situated on a new pedestrian concourse leading from the Nové Butovice metro station on line B. Right next to the building is the Trifot sculpture by David Černý. A 12-metre high walking sculpture made from stainless steel consisting of a set of cameras, representing development of the field of photography over the past few decades. Part of this whole space is also constituted by the Czech Photo Centre – a multi-genre artistic venue which is one of the most important galleries focused on contemporary photography in the capital.

The gallery of the Czech Photo Centre is part of a development project by Trigema SMART, which last year won an award in the Building of the Year competition.

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