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A modern apartment villa with timeless architecture in a quiet locality within easy reach of the centre, high quality housing surrounded by greenery. The Salomonka apartment villa offered exclusive quality apartments, a parking space to go with each of them and outside parking for visitors.
Developer: Realization Architect:
AGILE Investment s.r.o. 2013 .

“U Blaženky” street – a calm and quiet street at the top of Husovy Sady, close to Bertramka and with a view over the valley. The surrounding area is mainly occupied by historical semi-detached apartment buildings with 6 – 12 apartments and a luxury private villa on the neighbouring plot.

Over the street is a green belt which cannot be built on according to the land use plan. Another major advantage is the fact that at the same time as construction of the building, the road and related pavements underwent complete renovation in 2012 – 2013.

The design of the building is made up of three distinctive shapes which use different materials. The dynamically curved shape and markedly recessed last floor offers superb views. The substance of the building is complemented by a glazed cuboid stairway. The shape of the building was checked using a virtual model to ensure that it suited its immediate surroundings yet at the same time retained its creative value.