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These three apartment villas are located on a unique, slightly sloping plot of land. Thanks to its position at the top edge of the nature park in Kotlářka Valley and southeast orientation, it allows for exceptional view of the Prague skyline from Prague Castle all the way to the south-facing slopes over Trója.
Developer: Realization Architect:
Nové vily Hanspaulka a.s. 2008 Prof. Ing. arch Ladislav Lábus

From nearer locations, there is a view from the plot of Stromovka or the Dejvice Basin. These apartment villas are made up of attractive maisonette apartments.

This layout limits their number in each building to four, so they almost achieve the standard of family housing. The urbanism project and specific look of the apartment villa is the work of an architectural team led by the leading Czech architect Prof. Ing. arch Ladislav Lábus.

Hanspaulka is a villa district in Prague city district of Dejvice, which, together with the Baba villa district, occupies the raised area defined by the valley of the Šárka Stream, the rocky promontory on the eastern side of Baba, the shoreline of bends in the Vltava, the valley of the former Dejvice Stream and the manmade strip along Horoměřická ulice.