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​This four-floor classical building with a wealth of stucco detail was built on Wenzigova ulice in Královské Vinohrady in 1904. The building was built by František Jiskra.
Developer: Realization Architect:
Apartments Wenzigova s.r.o. 2018 .

The project, which visually preserves the original neo-classical style of the building and combines this with modern facilities and design, offered housing of the very highest quality in a safe place in the centre of Prague.

Vinohrady, once the royal part of the City of Prague, is nowadays divided among 5 city districts. Wenzigova ulice belongs to Prague City District 2. The buildings here with their decorated facades, tree-lined streets, picturesque parks with great views and an idyllic atmosphere slightly reminiscent of Paris are all reasons why the elite of Prague have lived in Vinohrady since time immemorial.

In 2017, the owners decided to use the beautiful and spacious loft space at Wenzigova 19 to create 4 apartments with a wonderful panoramic view of Prague.