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50% sold
Refined, luxurious and exceptional - that is what Rezidence Helenika near Riegrovy sady park in Královské Vinohrady is like

The refurbishment of this detached historical villa at an unrepeatable address in Prague 2 with views of Prague Castle and the city's skyline has created a place to live that meets the most demanding requirements.

The Rezidence Helenika has a mere 13 apartments, including loft penthouses, with layouts ranging from one-bedroom (2+kk) to three-bedroom (4+kk). Most apartments have a terrace or balcony. Every apartment on the ground floor has a private garden and spacious south-facing terrace. The building has its own covered parking, representative common space and reception. The sensitive refurbishment, under the management of experienced architects, will provide future owners with all creature comforts in a unique location and with a one-off style.

When Charles IV established a vineyard in today's Vinohrady, he brought the best grapes from 14th century France. When Prague's elite and leading artists started to move to Vinohrady in the 20th century, they brought the best architectural styles and an unrepeatable atmosphere to this part of Prague. Art nouveau, cubism, functionalism and the neo-renaissance decorate the streets of Vinohrady, as do a large number of coffee shops, restaurants and theatres expressing the genius loci of this part of Prague.

Rezidence Helenika is a unique opportunity to buy a property with the highest standard materials and fittings in all regards.
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Disposition Availability
2+kk - 4+kk 07/22


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ID Type Disposition Area Balcony/Terrace Garden Floors Price including VAT Status Detail
124211 Apartments 2+kk 56.4 sqm 22 sqm 22 sqm 0 Info in REA Available
124212 Apartments 4+kk 228 sqm 40.2 sqm 40 sqm 1 Info in REA Available
124213 Apartments 4+kk 227 sqm 34.9 sqm 35 sqm 1 Info in REA Available
124214 Apartments 2+kk 86.9 sqm 3.9 sqm 4 sqm 2 - Sold
124215 Apartments 4+kk 197.2 sqm 46.5 sqm - 2 Info in REA Available
124216 Apartments 3+kk 112.2 sqm 3.9 sqm 4 sqm 2 - Sold
124217 Apartments 2+kk 81.7 sqm 3.88 sqm 4 sqm 3 - Sold
124218 Apartments 3+kk 129.2 sqm 3 sqm 3 sqm 3 - Sold
124219 Apartments 4+kk 187.1 sqm 3 sqm 3 sqm 3 - Sold
124220 Apartments 4+kk 190.8 sqm - - 4 Info in REA Available
124221 Apartments 3+kk 121 sqm - - 4 Info in REA Available
124222 Apartments 3+kk 99.7 sqm - - 4 Info in REA Available
124223 Apartments 3+kk 148.1 sqm - - 4 - Sold


Energy demand of the building C


50% sold

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