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For property owners

We offer our owners specialized advice when selling and renting their properties.

Rent of property

We offer professional real estate services for foreign and domestic clients looking for extraordinary housing in the center and near Prague. Part of (bilingual) service is the offer of the required real estate, the realization of the visits, the arrangement of the conditions and the conclusion of the lease with legal support and the transfer of the property.

  • Detail of real estate rental services
  • We will consult with your intention to rent property
  • We evaluate the property and propose an optimal rental price
  • We will take care of the above-standard marketing, professional pricing of your property and subsequent offer in our customer network and advertisements by our certified partners
  • We offer consultations and expert advice throughout the entire sale or lease
  • We provide guided tours (our agents speak CZ, EN)
  • We provide consultations with lawyers
  • We take part in the transfer of the property

Sale of luxury real estate

Our portfolio of luxury properties includes newbuilds, refurbished flats, houses, villas, lands and other individual properties.

Are you selling a property? Let the specialists handle it. We will provide a valuation free of charge and ensure complete presentation. Including photographs and video. We will then activate our database of potential clients for luxury property in Prague and propose to you the most effective marketing procedure for the sale.

First and foremost we place great emphasis on the client. For this reason we give the clients as much available information as possible, and we guarantee a comprehensive real estate service. We ensure complete graphic and technical documentation, and the associated financial and mortgage services. Should you be interested, we also offer expert consultations with professionals from our team.

Detail of services in the context of sale of property
  • We discuss the procedure for the sale of property
  • We value the property and propose a sales price
  • We analyse the property market and give you information about current developments
  • We create promotional materials, ensure advertising, and present the property
  • We cover the legal service completely
  • We perform an effective evaluation of offers from those interested in the property
  • We actively participate in individual viewings and the handover of the property
Property management

Our team provide both local and overseas residential investors with a professional, efficient and transparent service delivered to an international standard.

The success of any future exit sale depends upon the correct acquisition and tax structure, appropriate fit out and essentially the control of daily running costs. Unless these factors are combined with a realistic and sustainable rental stream any long term capital gain will be seriously eroded.

In order to ensure your property returns the maximum yields, we have established a system of codes, practices and reporting structures that ensures that you are informed and in control.

Do you have a specific request? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts will advise you and provide further information.

For those interested in property

We provide professional consultancy services to clients looking for a residential or investment property.

Renting of luxury properties

Our portfolio includes only real estate meeting the exacting criteria of clients for modern, spacious, luxury housing. Are you interested in luxury property for rent? We guarantee the complete client service for you. From the actual selection of the ideal property to legal ensuring, financial services, mortgage service and other consultation.

Services for tenants of luxury real estate
  • Creating offers from the LEXXUS NORTON real estate portfolio and partner real estate agencies
  • Find and mediate the most appropriate rental of real estate
  • We will actively participate in individual tours and property transfers
  • We provide customer service throughout the rental period
Sale of luxury properties

Property selection is a very personal matter and, in most cases, an extraordinary moment of life. The real estate market can appear transparently and thanks to today's possibilities of the Internet, it certainly ensures an extensive offer. However, the orientation in the real estate offer in Prague, real estate assessment and subsequent selection can also bring great surprises. Our expertise, experience in selling luxury homes or renting luxury apartments and individual approach will help you not only in selecting suitable properties but will also contribute to secure purchase and satisfaction with new housing or family investment.

Standard cooperation on the purchase of real estate includes:
  • Consultation of housing needs and parameters
  • Making a bid, getting acquainted with the possibilities of the real estate market in Prague
  • tours of dematerialized real estate, detailed information about real estate
  • providing legal and administrative materials for real estate (extracts from the real estate register, acquisition title, building documentation, equipment details, etc.)
  • provision of legal services, draft contract documents
  • recommendation and arrangement of financial instruments (legal custody, notarial custody, bank security account)
  • protocol takeover of the property, provision of media transfer, contact with real estate management
  • other related services
For developers

We offer professional consultation and complete ensuring of projects for developers. We offer our clients professional representation at any phase of the process. From market analysis right up to complete ensuring of sales.

  • 1. Market analysis and preparation of project

    We offer professional market analysis and the drawing up of market reports. During the planning of a construction we focus on architecture, aesthetics and design. We come to your project with a detailed analysis in the preparatory phase, and we prevent needless costs associated with subsequent adaptation to the real estate market. We involve our analysts and propose the most appropriate optimisation of your project. In the detailed analysis you get support for negotiations with banks, who analyse the investment risks according to our studies. We prepare the structure of apartment units and price. We draw up the entire project completely with regard to the layout of the flats, technical equipment, client alterations and drawing up of pricelists. Within the LEXXUS Architect service we can help you with selecting the standard equipment of the units.

  • 2. Configuration of processes

    In the second phase of the project we configure all the sales processes and financing, and we ensure the necessary legal documents. We then create an effective mix of marketing strategies and conduct a sales campaign on a professional level.

  • 3. Implementation of sales

    We ensure the complete implementation of sales of individual properties. We prepare the sales points, we arrange modern showrooms and actively represent developers in negotiations with clients and during the conclusion of individual transactions or contracts.

  • 4. Ongoing analysis of market and competition

    Every year we draw up more than 100 detailed studies. The sources for these studies are sales prices and achieved prices, as well as socio-demographic data, information from the banking and property market and data about price changes of construction materials. Tens of monitored indicators make it possible to predict future opportunities and risks with great accuracy, and to seek out the most suitable solution in good time and to react promptly by adjusting the sales and marketing strategy for the sale of a project.